Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Problem on the horizon

Phone rings. It is my friend Mor.

- Hi. We have a new startup thing going on. You have to join!

- What are you doing?

- Can’t tell yet. It is in a stealth mode.

- I have to sign NDA to know?

- Nope. We don’t tell anyone before they start working.

- (pause)… I see. Well, anyway, I’ve got the best job now. We are changing the world.

I forgot it a minute later. Few months later, an email:


We went to University together and I remember you as a good guy. I am founding a storage related startup and you have tons of experience. Why don’t you join us? “

It is flattering and all, but I can’t. I am busy improving the world with DirectAccess.

Alon: “We have a chair with your name on, when are you coming to use it?”

Me: “Thanks man! Not in a near future for sure.”

Then, it is Mor again:

- Hi, we still looking for people and your skills are required. Come talk to our VP of R&D.

- I am not looking, but I can hear the guy out. Chances that I will come are zero.

Then it is a previous company:

- We are growing and you should still remember the stuff. Come, you have a potential.

- I am not looking and I am good at my current place.

Then Mor’s company bites the dust. Then one of my previous bosses leaves the company:

- (Me): where are you going now?

- (Her): I am going to start a new project from scratch.

- (Me): what people are you looking for?


Once I said it, I understood that something is wrong. It was me asking for position in another company. The thought actually crossed my mind. It never did before despite long hours, frustrations, disappointments and job offers. Now it did.

The good thing is that I know there is a problem and problems I can fix…

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