Monday, September 29, 2014

Wasted Time

Today I have defined a gated check-in build in TFS.

In other words, when a developer check-ins his code, the code is built and if it passes correctly the code is checked into repository. We thought about doing something like that in my previous gig, but it was estimated as a couple of months work and was dropped. 

We did not have time to sharpen the saw. We were busy fixing broken builds.

Today I did it in TFS. I had TFS server running with source control. I had a sample code in C#. I had a build agent installed on another machine and file share server running. Nothing was installed on file server, it was plain Windows 2012 server.
  • Hmm, lets define a build for the path in version control. 
  • Pick "gated check-in" build option.
  • Few more options, like retention policy.
  • There is an option of where to put build artifacts. I need a new share on the file server.
  • Go to the file server. Define a new share. 
  • Back to the build configuration and put the new share. 
  • Save. 
  • Change a code and commit. 
  • Open a panel and see the build progress. 
  • Hmm, progress is printed...
  • Looking good...
  • There are 3 warnings...
  • Need to fix them later...
  • Done.
Look at the clock. 10 minutes passed.

I will say that again: the entire process took 10 minutes.

God Damn!!!!

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