Monday, January 04, 2016

Resolutions for 2016

I did not write resolutions for many years. I have stopped writing them as from celebration of yearly successes, they have become a depressing history of failures. Once I have noticed that I copy "learn enough French to understand a news site" for the fifth time, I understood that things are not working.

Why return to it? Few reasons:
  • Goals are important. Writing them down is even more important. 
  • I want to write more. Writing my resolutions will provide me at least 2 posts a year: resolutions and then excuses why I did not make them :)
  • I want to focus. Writing a few big goals will do just that.
  • Visualize progress. Years fly by. I am already almost 41. Writing goals and achieving them, exposes a progress in life.
So, what are my goals for this year.

  1. Do 2 fun days with each kid in separate. Those could be half days, if it will be enough.
  2. PhD:
    1. Publish 2 research paper
    2. Finish all the courses 
    3. Pass to stage 2
  3. Continue with leaning down and get to 80kg (or six-pack with a little more).
  4. Write 15 blog posts and 12 posts in LinkedIn. Blog posts should be different from the LinkedIn posts.
  5. Learn something new. Professionally.
  6. Sketch or draw - 8 pictures.
I have a bunch of other resolutions (be calmer with my kids) that cannot be measured. Thus, they are not on the list. Only those that are important for me and I can measure them made the list.

Well, good luck to me.

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