Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Work-Life Balance is a Scam

Your company cares about work-life balance? Maybe it is you who make sure that your life and work are balanced? Does work-life balance means "no emails on weekends", or maybe "no meetings after 17:00?" Is this: "leave your work problems at work be at home 100%?"

It sounds good. It is also a scam. There is no such thing as work-life balance. Work is a huge part of your adult life. Your working days mostly look like this (with varying hours and time slices):


Granted you do get a work-free chunk of life before joining a work force and following retirement. However, most of your premium quality life, where you have money, health and independence, looks like the above picture. This is basically the reason the companies are saying: “We care about you very much and want you to have a fulfilling life. Do not spend all your time at work, so: No emails on weekends, no work on vacation, leave office at 18:00, etc.

Some of them are sincerely worry about you. They want to create a place where you are happy and will say to your friends: “This is a great place to work with a very good work-life balance!”

What is the problem then?

The problem is that it is the same as saying to somebody: “This crossfit thing is hard. You get tired and sweat a lot. We don’t want you to be hard on yourself. We suggest a laid-back crossfit! It is the same as regular crossfit, but really easy and you do not sweat.”  Well, this does not work! The whole point of crossfit it to be hard, so you can create a better version of yourself.

The same thing is with work-life balance. You do not get a refund on the time you spend at work! There is no scientific evidence or any major religion that once you die, you get to meet a clerk with a spreadsheet, who says: “You have worked really hard and had a very good work-life balance. We return you back for another 10 years! As a bonus, you will be 20 years old!” Not going to happen. Work is part of your life. How does “Life-Life Balance” sound?

I do not suggest to work all around the clock. There are things in life apart from work. Personally, I (very) rarely miss a dinner with my family. I get to games, events and holidays of my kids. Family is clearly a first priority in my life. However, I am blessed with a flexibility to work at almost any location and I use it. I work at any moment that I have time. If I can and it does not conflicts with anything else, I work at nights, weekends, vacations and sick days. Why should I spend my time watching endless TV series one after another, read rumors, watch “funny” videos, update Facebook or read talkbacks? I prefer to use my time for something worthwhile.

You do not consider your job being worthwhile for spending your free time on it? Well, you probably have another problem then…

As for me, it is my life and I am not going to spend it.


I am thinking about starting a new branch of religion where disciples do get a refund on a work time. Join now! Get a refund!

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